Queen Street Solar: Green Developments


The Claremont Project is Live!

See photos of the completed installation on the Options for Green Energy Facebook Page

View live production of the Claremont system here.

Members of the co-op who are residents of Claremont were given the first opportunity to purchase the $20,000 in Community Bonds sold to provide the Co-operative's equity contribution for the project. The remainder is being financed through long term debt.

Each bond was sold for $1,000. Bondholders will receive a return starting at 5% and increasing every fifth year during the 20 year term.   Principal is paid back at 5% per year starting at the end of the first year. The average annual return on outstanding principal is 7.25%.  

This project is a joint venture between Queen Street Solar, the local utility Veridian Connections, and Solera Sustainable Energies Company Ltd.  Queen Street Solar is the 51% owner of the project. 

Kingston Area Projects

Planning is underway to start developing the two Queen Street Solar FIT 3 ground mounted contracts in the Kingston area. 

A 250 kW ground mount project near Kaladar will be developed in partnership with Soventix Canada and Endura Energy.  The project has received Notice to Proceed and construction will be underway in late fall/early winter 2015.  Unique tracking technology developed by Toronto company Morgan Solar will be used to track energy production.

A project near Tamworth, also a 250 kW ground mount, has received its Connection Impact Assessment and will now proceed to environmental site review.  It is slated to be built in the summer/fall of 2016.



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