Letter from Options' founder, Mike Labbé

Welcome to Options for Green Energy

The Options for Homes model was devised to bring people together to meet the challenge of securing affordable home ownership in Canada’s largest city. Since 1993, more than 6500 households have been provided new home ownership opportunities across Canada.

Options for Green Energy was founded with a similar motivation – to bring people together to meet one of the defining challenges of our time – fighting climate change.

For too long in North America, green energy – and particularly green electricity generation - had been the realm of the pioneer. Up-front costs and government policies have made it hard for the ordinary person to get involved personally.  Until very recently, it generally wasn’t possible to make a reasonable return on green energy investments. Even with the launch of Ontario’s Green Energy Act and its Feed-In-Tariff programs in 2009, solar energy remained an option for the minority – people who owned land or an open, solar-suitable rooftop in an area with grid capacity, who also had access to capital or finance.

Thanks to the work of Ontario’s tireless community power advocates, however, the latest version of the FIT program has been designed to encourage individuals in Ontario to participate in the clean energy revolution. Well-organised community groups like Options for Green Energy will set up co-operatives that finance and build renewable energy projects in their own towns and cities, on rooftops that their members can easily visit.

Owners of condos and apartments can take part.  Employees could own a piece of the power plant on their workplace rooftop.  People can opt to make solar power their RRSP provider.  You can build your retirement nest egg and help save the planet.

It’s a great feeling. I hope you’ll join us.