What We Offer

Each co-operative invites members of the local community in which their projects are located to finance the developments and earn a financial return for doing so. 

Each co-operative will develop a green energy business, initially through a portfolio of solar rooftop projects, which will take advantage of the Green Energy Act in Ontario to sell the resulting green electricity at a premium rate through fixed Feed in Tariff contracts of 20 years. The revenue generated will be used to pay out obligations to members.
Options for Green Energy is based upon the successful Options for Homes model, which delivers secure, cost-effective, ownership housing and adapts it to offer a secure green energy investment opportunity.  As with Options for Homes, the model is transparent and democratically controlled by those who become members.

Queen Street Solar

Queen Street Solar is developing projects in Durham Region and Simcoe County.

Green Timiskaming

Green Timiskaming is developing projects in the Timiskaming District of Northern Ontario.